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SB 123 Conference and Training Information

October 20, 2020 SB 123 Fall Virtual Conference

2020 Fall Virtual Conference Invite

Links to access and attend the conference is provided below:
SB123 Virtual Conference Agenda 10.20.20

October 15, 2019 Fall SB 123 Conference in Topeka, Ks.

Emerging Issues and Future Directions in the SB 123 Program- Kira Johnson,LMLP, Sb 123 Director, KSSC
SB 123 Pre-Sentence Assessment Overview- Trish Beck, SB 123 Program Auditor, KSSC
SB 123 Overview and Implementation - Gwyn Harvey, SB 123 Program Manager, KDOC
SB 123 Beacon Health Options Refresher-  Emily Swanzy, Clinical Manager and Beth Bernasek, Provider Relations Manager
KDADS Overview- Stephanie Simpson, Behavioral Health Services Licensing Supv

June 4, 2019 Spring SB 123 Conference in Garden City, Ks 

2019 SB 123 Conference Update- Kira Johnson,LMLP, SB 123 Director, KSSC
SB 123 Pre-Sentence Assessment - Trish Beck, SB 123 Program Assistant, KSSC
SB123 Implementation Overview- Gwyn Harvey, SB 123 Program Manager, KDOC
Program Hacks: Tips and Tricks - Kira Johnson, KSSC and Gwyn Harvey, KDOC
Beacon KSSC Western Conference - Toby Scott, MBA, MA, Beacon Health Options

2018 SB 123 Conference provided the following presentations:

If you would like to request an in-person training or webinar please contact:

Kira Johnson, SB 123 Director

SASSI-4 Online Training

Online Training - SASSI-4  (Required as of 1/2019)

This Free update that takes about 15-20 minutes.

Upon completion, please email the SASSI Institute and request a completion certificate, forward it to to be filed at Kansas Department of Corrections. 

Thank you

SASSI Reimbursement Information

The Kansas Sentencing Commission will reimburse Community Corrections and Court Services agencies up to $5.00 per SASSI assessment when considering offenders for SB 123 substance abuse treatment. If the offender scores low on the SASSI prior to referral to a treatment provider for a full assessment, the offender is disqualified from further assessment or eligibility in the program, making a referral unnecessary.

To be reimbursed, the Invoice for SASSI Reimbursement Form (below) must be filled out completely in addition to the SB 123 SASSI Summary Form (below) for each of the SASSI tests administered. The Forms must be submitted to the Commission for reimbursement when the invoice total is greater than $20.00 and may be submitted quarterly to