The Kansas SAC conducts research and analysis on issues and processes in the criminal justice system, identifies alternative solutions and makes recommendations for improvements. The data we use is critical for measuring criminal justice performance from a historical sense. In-house, the data we maintain is from self-collected sentencing data, probation disposition data and Senate Bill 123 (SB 123) drug treatment assessment/payment data. Additionally, we utilize prison admission, stock, release and custody data to conduct prison population projections and custody classification projections, which are delivered by the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) each fiscal year.

Arrest and conviction data are sent by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) annually and serve an additional source for sentencing policy impact assessments during each legislative session. The Kansas SAC frequently utilizes these data sources to provide statistical information to state and federal agencies, academic entities, criminal justice associations, and other interested parties. Provided on this page are recent presentations and articles constructed by our research team.



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