Waiver of Right to Probation Violation Hearing

The Waiver of Right to Probation Violation Hearing form is an update of the Sample Probation Violation Waiver Form. This form was created by the Office of Judicial Administration for use in securing the probationer’s acceptance of the quick dip sanction and waiver of the right to a violation hearing. It is meant to serve as a template, and each Judicial District is encouraged to modify this form or adopt a standard form of their own if they so choose. The form was updated in response to 2014 legislative amendments made to K.S.A. 2013 Supp. 22-3716, which add intermediate jail sanctions or “quick dips” for misdemeanants. For Court Services offices, upon each sanction please email a copy of the felony waiver to  John Grube at the Commission. Waiver forms in misdemeanor cases are not required by the Commission.

If you have questions, please email John Grube.