Treatment Providers

Questions and Invoice submissions

Questions and invoice submissions can be emailed:

  • Include the KDOC number, court case number and service month with your inquiry. 
  • If your inquiry involves a rejected invoice please scan us the original invoice that has been stamped "rejected" and the rejection letter.

Length of time to follow up with us after submission for payment-

We respectfully ask SB 123 Providers not to contact us until 109 days after the end of the service month (and only after they have contacted the ISO and the SMART vendor website.)  It takes us, on average, 64 days for us to process and pay an invoice from the time we receive it.  However, we grant the provider and ISO 45 days to submit the invoice to us.  (45 + 64 = 109)

To check payment status:


KDOC Certification Details

KDOC Certification Details

The left side of the page contains a navigation column and there you will find the application materials “Getting Approved”

Fax number:  785-296-8116

For any questions regarding integration plans please contact one of the Skills Development Specialists listed below:

  • Kevin Smith, Assistant Staff Development Manager
    Phone:  785-291-3192
  • Gert Cozadd, Staff Development Specialist
    Phone: 785-296-3998