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2022 Forms Now Available!  QR Codes/Cells also updated for 2016-2021

Jun 29, 2022, 15:31 PM by Trish Beck

The 2022 Sentencing Forms are now available HERE and at the Forms tab on our website (www.sentencing.ks.gov/forms).  You will find Journal Entry of Judgement (JE) forms, Probation Violation Hearing (PVJE) forms, and Presentence Investigation (PSI) forms, all in Word and Pdf forms and in Complete and Basic layout for your use and convenience.

New this year is that all JE and PVJE forms have a QR code and cell in the top left corner of the face page, dating back to 2016.  These have been added to help improve the processing efficiency in our office. 

So be sure and download the new files for ALL years back to 2016, and follow the few guidelines below to help us reach our goal of maximum proficiency. 

 Always use the forms (JEs, PVJE, PSI, grids, etc.) as posted at the KSSC website.

  1. If you are using previously downloaded forms, check to make sure you have the latest version. 
  2. The QR code/cell are ‘For KSSC Office Use Only’.  Please refrain from marking on/in, stapling, cutting, folding, etc. the QR code and cell.
  3. Space at the top right of the face page of the forms is reserved ‘For Court Use Only’, like Court seals, date stamps, etc.
  4. General questions?  Contact the office of the Kansas Sentencing Commission at (785)296-0923.  QR code questions? Contact KSSC Research Analyst, Jason Lamprecht, at (785)296-8928.

 The KSSC thanks you for your cooperation!