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The Kansas Sentencing Commission consists of seventeen statutory members: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice's designee; two district court judges appointed by the Chief Justice; the Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee; one public defender appointed by the Governor; one private defense counsel appointed by the Governor; one county attorney or district attorney appointed by the Governor; the Secretary of Corrections or the Secretary's designee; the chairperson of the Kansas Parole Board or the chairperson's designee; two members of the general public, at least one of whom shall be a member of a racial minority group, appointed by the Governor; a director of a community corrections program appointed by the Governor; and a court services officer appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In addition to the appointed members, four members of the legislature, to be appointed by the president of the senate, the senate minority leader, the speaker of the house of representatives, and the house minority leader, serve on the Commission.

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